BSC-120 Coffee Roaster

Coffee Roaster
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Besca Roasters BSC-120 Coffee Roaster

For Mass Production

* Low Carbon Steel Double Wall Drum with Extended Volume

* Two Stage Gas Burner

* Accurate Digital Temperature control for Bean and Exhaust Temperature

* Heat resistant bearings for extra long life

* Sight glass and sampler at control panel side for easy usage

* Gas and Safety device with CE certificate

* Extended cooling tray volume with strong airflow in order to decrease the cooling time

* Special Chaff collector design for easy cleaning

* Digital Speed control for Drum speed and Hot air Exhaust airflow

* CE certified Components with worldwide known brands

* User's Manual and Installation Guide available

Batch Capacity (Min) 30 kg
Batch Capacity (Max) 120 kg
Controls Drum speed, Air & Gas flow
Roasting Time 12-18 min
Cooling Time 4-5 min
Fuel Type Naturel/Propane Gas/LPG
Power Requirement 9,5 kW
Supplied Voltages 380 V
Burner Capacity 350 kW
Operating Type Manual / Automatic
Ignition Automatic on Control Panel
Required Gas Pressure 30-50 mbar (working pressure 23 mbar)
PC Profile Software Standart for Auto Roasters
PC Connection Standart
Flame Control Digital / Potentiometer
Temperature Display Digital (BT/ET)
Drum Speed Control Digital / Potentiometer
Air Flow Control Digital / Potentiometer

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