BSC-240 Coffee Roaster

Coffee Roaster
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Besca Roasters BSC-240 Coffee Roaster

For Mass Production

* Low Carbon Steel Double Wall Drum with Extended Volume

* Two Stage Gas Burner

* Accurate Digital Temperature control for Bean and Exhaust Temperature

* Heat resistant bearings for extra long life

* Sight glass and sampler at control panel side for easy usage

* Gas and Safety device with CE certificate

* Extended cooling tray volume with strong airflow in order to decrease the cooling time

* Special Chaff collector design for easy cleaning

* Digital Speed control for Drum speed and Hot air Exhaust airflow

* CE certified Components with worldwide known brands

* User's Manual and Installation Guide available

Batch Capacity (Min) 90 kg
Batch Capacity (Max) 240 kg
Controls Drum speed, Air & Gas flow
Roasting Time 14-20 min
Cooling Time 4-5 min
Fuel Type Naturel/Propane Gas/LPG
Supplied Voltages 380 V
Air Flow Control Digital
Operating Type Manual / Automatic / Full Automatic
Ignition Automatic on Control Panel
Required Gas Pressure Working pressure 21 mbar
PC Profile Software Standart for Auto Roasters
PC Connection Standart
Flame Control Digital
Temperature Display Digital (BT/ET)
Drum Speed Control Digital /

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