BSC-05 Coffee Roaster

Coffee Roaster
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Besca Roasters BSC-05 Coffee Roaster

Best for small Coffee Shops!


In order to have an even roasting, the heat must be equally transferred to every bean in the drum. In order to achieve that, all BESCA ROASTERS are provided with low-carbon steel double walled drum, with extended drum volume in order to have the convection heat transfer all inside the drum. With its perforated plate at the back of the drum and preventive middle plate over the burner, a smooth heat transfer is maintained with a blend of convection and conduction. Controllable, strong heat flow inside the drum provides the same perfect taste for every bean.


Let the roasting be under your control! All BESCA ROASTERS are provided with digital drum speed and hot air flow control and a valve&gauge gas control. You may manually adjust your roasters actions for every step, or with our additional pc profile automation system you may predefine the roaster actions. You may even keep the track of your roasting and repeat them in your future roasting.


Work hard and never stop! In order to achieve the best quality roasters, BESCA ROASTERS works only with the suppliers that are internationally proven to be reliable and worldwide known. Even we are always ready to help you forever, you do not need to be bounded to a spare parts supplier since all components may be found on your next door. All BESCA ROASTERS are powered with 4 motors direct drive system and with its hand worked strong steel parts, BESCA ROASTERS is your silent and durable friend for years.

AUTOMATIC IGNITION AND GAS CONTROL:                                                                

Keep safe! All BESCA ROASTERS are provided with an electronic gas valve control system, so that the ignition of the burner is made directly from the control panel and if there is a failure of flame, the gas cuts off automatically.


Be a reliable supplier! All BESCA ROASTERS are provided with a pc connection USB cable, so that you may connect your roaster to any pc profile program you want. Also, BESCA ROASTERS offers you a user-friendly automation and pc profile program, provided with a touchscreen. During your roasting, you may control all the actions on the touchscreen and track them. After the roasting, you have the option to keep the track of the records, create a profile and use it in your future roasting, so that every roasting that you do will have the same result.

Batch Capacity (Min) 0,5 kg
Batch Capacity (Max) 5 kg
Controls Drum speed, Air & Gas flow
Roasting Time 10-14 min
Cooling Time 2-3 min
Fuel Type Naturel/Propane Gas/LPG
Power Requirement 1,5 kW/h
Supplied Voltages 110-220-380 V
Burner Capacity 28 kW/h - 24.091 Kcal/h – 95.539 BTU/h
Air Flow Control Digital Digital / Potentiometer
Required Gas Pressure for LPG Working pressure 31 mbar
Operating Type Manual / Automatic / Full Automatic
Ignition Automatic on Control Panel
Required Gas Pressure for Natural Gas Working pressure 21 mbar
PC Profile Software Standart for Auto Roasters
PC Connection Standart
Flame Control Digital / Potentiometer
Temperature Display Digital
Drum Speed Control Digital / Potentiometer

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