Coffee Trends

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Coffee Trends 2022


We are feeling the effects of global warming more deeply so the importance of sustainability in the market is increasing every year. The increase in social awareness of global warming also makes sustainable brands stand out. Today, We want to know if our drinks are sustainably produced and if the whole process is ethical. Those ideas make such brands more popular and inspire bigger brands such as Starbucks. Carbon emissions and carbon footprints calculations are getting highlighted on the labels.

Coffee Tourism

Coffee Tourism is becoming more popular and people are looking for authentic coffee experiences. Food and drink tourism is pretty people in the last 10 years but food and drink are separated further into a single drink such as coffee or wine. Millennials are particularly interested in authentic coffee serving and tourism. Coffee farms are becoming regular stops on backpacking routes.

Healthy Coffee

Healthy coffee choices are separating for not only the people who follow a special diet, It has also become an important option for people who adopt natural healthy living as a lifestyle… Several brands are making sure antioxidants and other health-boosting nutrients are first in their production.

Plant-based milk with coffee

Another millennial trend is non-dairy milk in the coffee… Many people start to think plant-based milk such as nuts or soy milk brings more flavor to coffee. This area is constantly growing with different plant-based milk such as oat, potato, coconut, and rice.

From Nitro Cold brew to Snapchilled

Snapchilling takes coffee from piping hot to icy cold in a matter of minutes. It’s shaking the throne of cold brew. Cold brew takes a lot of time for being ready to drink but Snapchilled is a better alternative for cold dark coffee lovers. That is a fairly new trend in the market but it’s growing fast and it’s easier to prep than Cold Brew.

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