BESCA ROASTERS aims to provide the best coffee roasting experience to its partners. On the way to this target, we use the latest technology and the newest engineering methods in order to maintain the best quality by following our customers
Every coffee roaster is produced to provide the most flexible and stable coffee roasting process for the users. A BESCA ROASTERS user is able to control every step of the coffee roasting process in order to get sustainable and the best taste of coffee.
Every coffee roast with BESCA ROASTERS is a new experience that can be tracked and saved in order to maintain the stability of the quality of future roasts. We are aware that a coffee roaster is not only machinery but also a part of a design of a coffee shop.
With its smooth and durable design, BESCA ROASTERS is a key design component for every coffee shop for many years. Its efficient and silent work enables the users to have fun with the roasting process all the time.

BESCA ROASTERS stands out as a premier wholesale coffee roaster, committed to delivering an unparalleled coffee roasting experience to its partners. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and the latest engineering methods, we prioritize maintaining the highest quality standards while catering to the unique preferences of our customers.

As a leading coffee roasting machine manufacturer, each BESCA ROASTERS product is meticulously crafted to provide users with the utmost flexibility and stability throughout the coffee roasting process. Our machines empower users to exercise complete control over every step, ensuring a sustainable and consistently superior taste in every batch of coffee.

Moreover, as a dedicated coffee roasting equipment supplier, BESCA ROASTERS goes beyond machinery functionality. Recognizing that a coffee roaster is an integral part of a coffee shop’s design, our products boast a smooth and durable aesthetic. With efficient and silent operation, BESCA ROASTERS machines not only contribute to the roasting process but also enhance the overall ambiance of the coffee shop, making it a key design component for years to come.


We work together to make coffee better

We would not be able to achieve our successes without the partners we collaborate with. All our partners share our commitment to making a coffee industry better.  If you see yur vision in the same direction with us 


Together, all over the world!

Our services are available worldwide.! You can find the contact information of our global partners on the map below.. We are also open for the new partnership opportunities.t. If you want to represent Besca in the global in your market, please contact us directly. We will be right back with you!


Company: Beyond the Bean Norge AS
Contact Person: Steve Olsen
E-mail: post@stormkaffe.no
Phone: +47 952 13 049


Company: Coffee Laboratory LTD
Contact Person: Alin Griada
E-mail: alin@coffeelaboratory.ie
Phone: +353 86 3380937


Company: BESCA Spain | Q Arabica Grader | Consultant SCA Authorized Trainer All Modules | 2009 - 2020 WCE Rep & Certified Sensory Judge
Contact Person: Elisabet Sereno
E-mail: sereno.elisabet@gmail.com
Phone: +34 652814949


Contact Person: Esther Hope Gibbs
E-mail: esther@hopeespresso.com
Phone: +44 7505 074886


Company: OMBRA Coffee Roastery
Contact Person: Guillaume Breuil
E-mail: info@ombracoffee.com
Phone: +33 6 68 79 48 10


Contact Person: Matej Rydar
E-mail: rybar@aegiscc.eu
Phone: +421 911 315 407


Company: Dorin Ogleja &Istvan Zsigmond
Contact Person: Rafał Młodzianowski
E-mail: dorin.ogleja@112coffee.com
E-Mail: 112@112coffee.com
Phone: +40 740 558 446


Contact Person : Payam Kazemi / Mahbod Bohluli

E-mail: Radinrohani@gmail.com
Phone: 00989123794728 / 00989123894985


Company: PT.Kopi Puang Toraja
Contact Person: Eno Susanto
E-mail: Eno@kopipuangtoraja.co.id
Phone: +62 822-8170-6283


Contact Person: Takeshi Kamohara
E-mail: support@besca.jp
Address: 460-6, Chibadera-Chou, Chuou-Ku, Chiba-Shi, Chiba-Ken, JAPAN ZIP:260-0844
Phone: 070-8933-4499


Contact Person: Jonathan Vaz Matias
Mail: jvmatias89@gmail.com
Tel: +34 644 23 68 21


Contact Person: Jonathan Vaz Matias
Mail: jvmatias89@gmail.com
Phone: +34 644 23 68 21


Contact Person: Fekil Asghedom
Email: fenkilakdempire@gmail.com
Phone: +254 724 131700


Russia, 129085 Moscow, proezd Ominskogo 3A, build. 3 office 926

E-mail;roasters@sft-trading.com phone;+7 916 6717976

contact person; Sergey Boganov


Company: Ficom Business
Contact Person: Yelfegn Tadesse
E-mail: sales@ficombusiness.com
Phone: +251 11 470 1239


We meet globally recognized quality standards. Quality and safety have top priority for us: Here you will find all current certificates.


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