Key Considerations During the Installation Process

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Key Considerations During the Installation Process

Machine installation is a meticulous process that must be carried out with precision following the purchase. Before commissioning the machine, there are three critical phases to consider: gas infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, and chimney system installation, all integral parts of the overall coffee roasting process.

  • Gas Infrastructure: When establishing the gas infrastructure, it’s essential to consider the gas consumption quantity and burner capacity as specified in the technical specifications file of the purchased Besca roasting machine. The gas infrastructure should be installed by companies or professionals experienced in gas infrastructure projects. This phase plays a crucial role in determining the efficiency and control of the coffee roasting process.
  • Electrical Infrastructure: When setting up the electrical infrastructure, ensure that the working area where the machine will be placed has the required kW load-bearing capacity. Verify the presence of grounding connections in the infrastructure and whether it can meet the electrical power requirements of the purchased machine. Another crucial consideration in the electrical infrastructure is whether the machine is monophase or three-phase, impacting the technical aspects of the coffee roasting techniques. Determine the phase type of the installation location before purchasing the machine. If the electrical infrastructure in the workspace is unsuitable or modifications are needed, seek assistance from an expert company or professional.
  • Chimney Design and Infrastructure: When preparing the chimney design and infrastructure, it is vital to ensure that the installation location is suitable for chimney construction and that the chimney is designed to minimize potential harm to the environment in case of an unfortunate event. Chimney designs should always feature a chimney that is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion from exhaust smoke, elements critical to the coffee roasting process. The cooling outlet should withstand temperatures up to 250°C and be corrosion-resistant. Additionally, pay attention to the length and the number of bends in the chimney system. In cases where the chimney exceeds 15 meters in length and utilizes more than 2 bends, add an exhaust fan to the end of the chimney to prevent smoke from getting trapped within the chimney. It is essential to remember that chimney design should be carried out by companies with experienced and skilled personnel.

The Besca Roasters aftersales team is always here to support you in installation and infrastructure tasks related to the coffee roasting process. Don’t forget to get in touch with Besca Roasters before installation and workplace design!

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