Privacy And Security Of Your Membership Information


Your data, entered by you to sign up at our site, is used with your consent and within the framework of the purposes in the scope of the disclosure and is not shared with third firms or persons. All data you provide when you sign up can only be changed by you. We significantly remind you to securely keep your member sign in data and not to share it with the third persons for protection of your Personal Data.


The information of your credit cards, which you use as a means of payment, is in no way stored in our system. The key or lock symbol, seen on the address bar, is one of the matters you should pay attention for testing that you are at a secure site. It indicates that the site you visit protects your data through encryption and that your data may only be used in line with the transaction requested and instructions given by you. 

This information is only used depending on the sales transactions process and within the instructions given by you. Information about the credit card used during shopping is encrypted with 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, independent of our shopping sites, and sent to the relevant bank for inquiry. If the card is approved for use, the transaction is continued. Since no information about the card can be viewed and recorded by us, third parties are prevented from obtaining this information under any circumstances. 

In case you experience problems with transaction security or if you suspect any situations, you can reach us in writing from our website at or by phone. 


Your identity and credit card information that you send us by credit card “mail-order” method is processed and stored in accordance with our company’s privacy policy and legislation on protection of personal data. This information is kept for 60 days against possible objections for withdrawal from the credit card with the bank and then destroyed immediately. In the event that any amount other than the mail-order form fee approved by you is withdrawn from your card, you have the opportunity to report a suspicious transaction to the bank that will make the payment and prevent the payment of this amount. 


Except for the information we have provided above, never write your credit card number and / or passwords to our website Customer Services and / or any communication tool you obtain through our website or our company. Especially the information contained in e-mails can be seen by third parties and may put your data security at risk. Although our company applies the highest security measures in data transfers made via e-mails, it is not possible to guarantee the security of the data transferred in this way. 

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